Indian State Terrorism can not be ignored!

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

India has forcefully occupied Kashmir betraying UNO resolution and day light promises of Pundit Nehru. Indian forces according to Sunder La’ll commission (established by Indira Gandhi ) killed 250,000 Muslims. The narrow-minded and fanatic Hindus burnt 80,000 Urdu books in the Usmania University library. In Juna Gar (Mustafaabad) Indian forces brutally killed thousands of well to Muslim businessmen. This happened when “Sir” Shahnawaz Bhutto in collaboration with Nehru handed over Pakistani territory illegally to India. Like Zafrullah Qadyani, Shah Nawaz had no distinction; academic or otherwise except being puppet and puppy of British Zionists. Shahnawaz helped British forces to capture Hurr Mujahideen including Pir Sahib Pagara who latter murdered by British forces. In return Shahnawaz was given thousands of acres of poor Hari’s lands. How can we forget this and like idiots start preaching “Aman kee Aasha”. India has not only killed 100,000 innocent Kashmiris through its rouge 700,000 men army but also has played key role in ongoing terrorism un all over Pakistan in collaboration with Zionist created MQM, BLF, Sunni Tehreek and so called Pakistani Talibans. Talat Hussain in one of his excellent programs had shown clear evidence of Indians sitting in Kabul. Pakistan army chief f Swat operation in that program had informed us that even Blood Banks products were supplied by Indians.

Ajmal Kasab is an Israeli & Indian drama with help from our interior & foreign ministries!

Who keeps the name of Qasai or Qisab in Pakistan. It is considered a disgraceful name! All Qasai or butchershave transformed into Qureshis like many doom mirasi have become Syed! Some have became Usmani and others Farooqis!!! We are not saying all these are fake but certainly a large numbers of them are! Like the word Qaeeda which has been condemned in Quran-e-Majee at several places, the idiot cow worshippers Brahmans & Zionists goofed here! The Jewish synagogue close to Taj Mahal Restaurant had played key role in this entire drama. Of course Qadyani Shaitan Malik, Salman Bashir and Noman Bashir are fully expected to cooperate with their patrons i.e. Israelis and Indians. We must not forget that when Allama Iqbal asked British Government to declare Qadyanis on very logical grounds, it wasPundit Nehru who argued with Allama Iqbal that they should be considered Muslims. Of course Nehru had no substantial argument. However later in 1947, 1948 when Qadyanis tried to stay in Qadyan, Nehru kicked them out saying that they were created for Pakistan (where they must play active role against Islam and Muslims…)

The prime objective of Quran is guidance for those who want to avoid evil. Then the characteristics of such people are described point wise in the beginning of Surah Al-Baqrah!

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