Arabic The Best Language. Learn Quranic Arabic easy way

Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem

Assalamo Alaikum. (peace be upon you all)

As the Quran is the final and eternally preserved book of Allah and the miracle given to the Last and the Final Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and it is the greatest blessing and mercy upon us, how foolish are we to not to open this book, enjoy it, get maximum benefit from it.

Qurna-e-Majeed is revealed in Arabic language which has many distinctive features:

1) It contains many single letter words while English has only one i.e. “i” which is both letter and word. Arabic has not only many single letter words but some words have several meanings depending on the sentence. It you remember these single letter words then learning Quranic Arabic will be very easy for you as these words are often repeated

2) Similarly there are many two letter words which are often repeated and so please learn them. They are easy to learn

3) In Arabic not only letters join to form words as it happens in other languages but here several words also join to make compound words. Therefore in some cases on word is equal to one whole sentence

4) Every Arabic word (Of course not including single and two letter words) has a root word which is comprised of three letters. You must know the three letter root words in order to get the meaning of the word from Arabic Dictionary

5) There are superb computerized, easy to learn methods. to derive other words from the root words These principles are uniform and hence once you learn them you can understand the meanings of the derived words very easily

6) In speaking several letters are dropped which creates brevity and beauty

7) There are several modifiers which change the phonetics of the words imparting superb rhythm and beauty.

1) “I” e.g. I worship (A-budo), I take protection (A-oozo)

2) for Question e.g Have you not seen? (A-lam Ta-ra)

3) for Greatest, maximum, e.g. Allah is the Greatest (Allaho A-kbar)

4)  for request e.g. guide us (A-hdina)

5) for order e.g. worship me (Allah says) (A-budoni)

1)      B (pronounced as ba). It has the meanings of With, of e.g. B-ismillah: with the name of Allah,

2)      Aozo B-illah: I seek refuge of All Allah.

3)      Some times B is used only for pronunciation modification or phonetic beauty e.g. B-il momineen,  here mominoon changed to momineen. Such modifiers letters or words are called harf-e-Jar! B- of Bismillah hir Rehmaner Raheem(e) has changed Ar-Rehmano to Ar-Rahmane and Ar-Raheemo into Ar-Raheeme

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