4th July America’s Independence Day: What Freedom it has????

America is a mighty country which has been bestowed by uncountable blessings and opportunities. The people of America are generally decent, fair minded and law abiding. But this huge country with enormous resources appears to far from delivering its potentials. It has been controlled by a very tiny minority who has no morality and ethics and does not care about right and wrong.

There is no doubt about America’s vast contribution to science and modern development thanks to its free think-ing and confident hardworking people and good systems which welcome all people and give full opportunity to grow and make new paths. However Americas’ healthy role toward itself and world is marred by its slavery and by being taken hostage by racist Zionists and Neocons which have only one eye i.e. the eye of greed and materialism. The eye of ethics, morality, human rights etc is totally shut. This is not a hidden or secret; it is very clearly manifested on one dollar’s note showing an eye on the top of pyramid. It is not mere coincidence that the same “Daajali” (anti Christ) eye is a symbol of Free Masons; a Zionist Global Terrorist organization which spreads all sorts of terrorism i.e.
wars, IMF, World Bank (Financial terrorism burdening the nations with loans and wasting them so that the people become slaves in their yokes), Family and Society Terror-ism, Media Terrorism and Health Terrorism (e.g. Bird Flu, Swine flu etc. ) The single eye is so sacred to the forces controlling USA Government that in so called Gulf war, all American vehicles including those rented from Saudi Na-tional in Easter Province had this symbol printed on the doors.

Prophet Mohmmad (PBUH) gave the very vivid picture of Single Eye of Dajjal (Anti Christ).
He said that his one eye will be so sharp that it will pierce the stars and the beds of oceans. The other eye of humanity and morality will be totally closed.

Quran-e-Majeed in Surah (Chapter) At-Teen (he Figs) clearly shows the enormous poten-tial of man and when it becomes slave ofg greed and lust he becomes lowest of the low!
In the beautiful chapter of Quran, the great people are identified with their places e.g. Figs and Olive referring to Jersus (PBUH), Mount Sinai (Moses) and this peaceful city of Makkah (Mecca) referring to such great Prophet of Allah as Prophet Ibrahim, Ismaeel (Abraham and Ishmaeel) nad the last and the final Prophet Muhammad (PBUT). Man who can reach to such heights can be rduced to the lowest of the low if he does not have true faith and good deeds.

America’s slavery is reflected in its inaction against attack-ers of USS Liberty, the Israeli Zionist who killed Rachel Cor-i, Josie Hadas, the Mossad agent who carried out first at-tack on WTC., Israel which did 9/11 and its actions dictated by the Zionist such as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, brutal attack on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her innocent children of 7, 3 and ½ year age! Islam alone can make America a truly free country!

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