BUDGET: THE REAL PROBLEM – Time Has Come to liberate people from Jails of Zionists!

Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem

– Time Has Come to liberate people from Jails of Zionists!
Dr. Anwar Ul Haque
Another Budget is produced which will make poor poorer! It is amazing that people are required to pay the loans with several fold compound interest and the borrowed money is wasted in the ruthless form. The poor people are not even asked about the loans. The World Zionists are thriving on this mechanism which is making nations weak and poor so that they can rule with total control!
What is the solution? Stop borrowing all together. Pay all the loans by brining all looted wealth. If we bring back Zardari, Shaitan Malik and many other corrupt politicians, generals and bureaucrats’ wealth then the burden of the loans would markedly reduce. Instead of renting power generators we could have bought them using Zardari’s stolen money and then our cost of electricity would have gone down. We should give the assignment of building nuclear reactors to generate electricity to Mr. Qadeer Khan and all your load shedding problems will vanish in six months time. The cheap energy produced will give a boom to industry and create employment.
We must reduce the number of minister by 75%. There should be strict criteria to appoint ministers. They must not be MNAs or MPAs. They should be highly qualified and honest persons of their fields. Right now we have ministers who do not have ABC of their fields. So when you have such a person along with his utter dishonesty what else you expect?
The Ministers and Speakers of the assembly must not have expensive cars and all their perks including so called security squads must be removed at once.
Benazir income support program is a clear cut bribe program to promote PPP. It is at the expense of the common poor people of Pakistan. Hence it should be all together eliminated. This amount should go in to Education, Health and Industries.
No new tax should be imposed and taxes should be reduced rather than increased. All perks of Generals and lavish bribes in the form of lands etc must be immediately stopped. As a matter of fact all such official corruption should be not only stopped but reversed.
All “forgiven” loans including that of 45 crore rupees of Prime Minister must be returned to national treasury for the poor people of Pakistan.
We must stop all interest based transactions including so called Islamic banks etc. and you will see how Allah’s mercy showers from sky and gushes from earth. I invite all educated, honest and sincere Pakistani Muslims to come forward and join hands to fight against gross robberies by the Government on poor people’s pockets. All those committed to hold the rope of Allah i..e Quran-e-Majeed with total commitment to implement Allah’s laws in our personal and society life must unite and get this nation off the hook of Zionists World Bank and IMF. Of course the Zionists chained dogs will not like this as they are thriving on the bones of the meat thrown to them by the Zionists. On Zionists whims these dogs are eating the flash of our people. We must learn Quranic Arabic (It takes about 4-5 months) so that we can have bilateral connection with Allah Ta’alah, correct our Salah which is immense powerhouse for us. Establish schools and small courts in the Masajid where things can be sorted out quickly without going through the lengthy and costly court processes where justice is not obtained even after decades.
Let us come back to Allah’s law and we will be Insha Allah leaders of the entire world in just few years. The Prophet (PBUH) achieved in just 23 years with Quran what otherwise would not be possible in 10,000 years and that’s why Lailatul Qadr is better than 1000 months.
It is the responsibility of all educated people to come forward and just don’t leave the tasks to corrupt leaders and so called religious parties as all of them without any shred of doubt have failed. Any leader and party taking directly or indirectly dictations from outside and any party or leader using religion to make money can not be trusted. Before following any leader or party ask what is the source of income of that leader? Is it halal? Remember taking money for any religious service is absolutely HARAM based on Quran, Sunnah and verdicts of such great scholars as Imam Abu Hanifa (May Allah’s mercy be upon them). Stop all divided based on language, place and sects. All Muslims are one and there is no room whatsoever for Sunni, Shia, Brailvee and Daiwbandi. Anyone who claims that there is a prophet after Muhammad (PBUH) is ismply not a Muslim as he /she is denying the very fundamental belief of Islam. Anyone who says or believe that Allah is communicating with any person is in fact making that person a Prophet without labeling. Any one who says Quran is sufficient and there is no need for Sunnah of the Prophet is also a Non Muslim according to Quran. Anyone who is taking Allah’s enemies his friends and protectors will be raised among them and will share same hell. So pick your friends wisely and hold rope of Allah tightly i.e. read it many times a day, try to memorize as much as possible, learn its injunction s and whole heartedly apply on our lives. This is the only solution for coming out of slavery of Zionists. Of course Zionists will never like it like out Kharkar who do not want people to run away from their jails. But time has come to break these jails and liberated people from this jail.

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