Turkey must start its own International Inquiry on Israeli attack

Turkey must start its own International Inquiry on Israeli attack on Flotilla Freedom. Also shame on Joe Biden whose heart is as dark as Israel! He is perhaps dream to become Lyndon Johnson by pleasing Israel!

Turkey  must begin its own International inquiry on brutal and well planned attack and massacre on flotilla Freedom. Nowhere in the world criminals are allowed to carry out inquiry into their own crime. The support of such inquiry by Zionist Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who is day dreaming to become Lyndon B Johnson with Israeli support and help is quite understandable! Turkey being the victim of the attack has all the more right to organize such an inquiry preferably on a fleet in open sea. The inquiry should be totally free and not under Turkish control. It must be relayed throughout the world. All those present on the flotilla ship should be called for witness with all video and picture proofs.  Israel will try to sabotage such an inquiry. This requires proper and adequate measures. It must be noted that when two Christian phalange  leaders showed their intention to give witness against Israel and Sharon regarding Shatilla and Sabira camp massacre where 3500 unarmed women and girls were butchered by “Brave” Sharon, they were assassinated after the War Crimes suit

was filed in Belgium.

Shame on Joe Biden who wants to carry out Israel and its leaders trial by Global and mother terrorist Israel! I am sure he is full aware that no such true trial will occur. Let me quote here Aerial Sharon: “”Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.” — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, quoted by the BBC, March 25, 2001

Joe Biden has said that “Israel is his heart and Israel is his light”. In other words Joe Biden has no light and no heart! He is merely a walking dead body.  In Israel you find no light; only utter darkness. Even the stones have some compassion but not Israelis as rivers may gush from stones (Mountains), fountains may erupt from stones and the stone may tremble and come down under fear of Allah Ta’lah but not Israelis. Joe Biden expects such rouge and terrorist nation to carry out trials of their own leaders???? Must be kidding!!!

To begin with arrogant and cursed Israelis do not consider non Jewish people human beings. They call them gentiles which in Hebrew means bastard! They call them “walking animals”. All their crimes committed against these “walking animals” are automatically forgiven on every Yom Kippur! Joe Biden shame on you to be so low! Allah (The God) is not unjust. He is the most Just. All your fabrications and lies will cause you tremendous damage on the Day when no one will be able to help you and no ransom will be accepted.

Joe Biden due to enormous and fundamental changes in current bible, the power source for liberty from yoke of Zionism is no more there. Now the true message of life and message of Jesus (Peace be upon him) is nowhere but in the magnificent and the wise Quran. The Zionist battle against Jesus, Moses and the God All Mighty is not finished. And that is the precise reason why Israelis and Zionists are after Quran. They were confident that after “crucifying” Jesus they have “solved” the “problem” forever, however they were dead wrong. In the first place Jesus was not hanged for sure. He was saved by Allah Ta’lah and his traitor was hanged instead. Jesus appeared after so called crucifixion as he was not crucified in the first place. Second Jesus’ life and message are well protected in the Holly Quran; the final edition of all previous divine books. No one can change even a single alphabet of Quran. It is a living miracle that a book is as fresh, as beautiful and as motivating after 1450 years as on day 1. Zionists frustrations are therefore are quite understandable.

Zionists are using their “mighty” media to defame Muslims and Islam in the most cunning ways and through numerous schisms.  A short list of Israeli crimes will include the following:

1)      Lavon affair when Israel killed several foreign tourists and blamed Muslim brotherhood.

2)      Countless killings, torture and other in-humane activities against Palestinians

3)      Stealing of Uranium from Pennsylvania and developing atomic bombs

4)      Attack on USS Liberty killing 34 American Naval officers and injuring 171

5)      First attack on World Trade Center by Mossad agent Josie Hudas and getting arrested her innocent driver Salameh who is still behind bar. Along with him, Islam and Muslims are taken hostage by American media

6)      2nd attack on WTC on 9/11 and again taking all Muslims and Islam hostage.

7)      Attack on Flotilla Freedom and killing at least 9 innocent human beings and then constant lying about it

It is high time that Turkey begin its own International Inquiry of the incidence in front of the whole world. Of course the slave USA and European media will boycott the coverage as they are not informing the people of their country. When Mr. Talat Hussain was asked how he compare Pakistan with Israel. He said Pakistan is a free country where you can express your opinions freely while Israel is constantly suffering from internal insecurity and there is immense suppression and distortion of news.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque is a Board Certified, Consultant Pathologist. He is a freelancer writer.  His views are his personal and nothing to do with any institution including USA institutions. His main area of interest is human pathology. He does not accept any remuneration or any other reward for his writings as truth can’t be paid! He can be contacted on: Mobile 03335129849, phone (landline) 9251-2293707, 2294099. His postal address is: 116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad Pakistan 44000.  Anwar’s writings are free for publication and are not copyrighted as long as these are not altered (except minor editing). Truth can’t be copyrighted!!!

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