Turkish Prime Minister versus American Presidents:

Turkish Prime Minister versus American Presidents: A comparison of Flotilla Freedom & USS Liberty


Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

Prime Minister Tayyab spoke so well against Israel’s planned killings of innocent peace loving and caring people on Flotilla Freedom. Israel claims that it killed only 9 human beings while some put the figure as high as 30!

Here are some excerpts from the speech of Turkish Prime Minister:

  • “I am appealing not only to my people in Turkey but to all humanity. I am openly appealing to the conscience of all humanity and I want to openly share my feelings with you.”
  • “The humanitarian aid ships travelling to Gaza could not accomplish their goal. Yesterday morning, The Armed Forces of Israel, attacked the ships sending humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip. The blood of innocent people was shed. “
  • “The bloody massacre by Israel on the ships sending humanitarian aid to Gaza deserves all the coursing which it gets. The attack was openly committed towards international law; it was committed to the conscience of people, it was done against world peace.“
  • “I am saying the attacks were committed against the conscience of the people, as the ships were carrying people from all nations and all religions, with the sole purpose of trying to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza people who have been suffering from a blockade. Before the ships were boarded, the aim of the ships and the aim of the people on board were declared to the world press. As witness to the aid, 60 members of the press also boarded the ships.”
    • “Israel has told us that they will send the injured back to us, but we have rejected this and said that we have the power to get our own injured back to Turkey.”
    • “Israel must immediately lift the inhuman embargo on the people of Gaza. They should not try to stop the humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.”

  • “To slay innocent people, to treat civilians like terrorists is degradation in the eyes of humanity and wretched recklessness.”
  • “World piece has received a major blow. The reckless, unlawful attack by the Israeli government must be punished.”
    • “Rather than waiting for an investigation from a government which has made lying a state policy, the international community should investigate the attack.”
    • “Turkey is not an adolescent rootless country. It certainly is not a tribe country. No one should try to test the patience of Turkey. However much Turkey’s friendship is valuable, Turkey’s hostility is as powerful. Loosing Turkey’s friendship on its own is a price to pay.”
    • “They are denying, they are saying they were fired on first. We are sick and tired of your lies. Be a little honest. The ships, personnel and volunteers should be released immediately. No one has the right to accuse the volunteers, MP’s and the 60 journalists of travelling outside of the fact that they were taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. This attack has once again showed the inhuman persecution the Palestinian people have been suffering.“

Compare this with Israel’s deliberate, willful attack on USS Liberty in open water on June 8th 1967 when Israel killed 34 US Naval officers and seriously injured 171. Lest listen to Phil Tourney, survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and contributing editor for American Free Press newspaper ors in his own words:

“We had two corpsmen onboard and only one doctor, Richard Kiepfer. We kept hoping for help from our government, but nevertheless the seconds dragged on like hours and the hours dragged on like years and soon reality set in and we figured out that we were on our own. The heat of the day gave way to the darkness, which was a welcome change, as the blistering heat cooked our crippled ship, making the smell of blood and death all the more impossible to ignore.

I had no idea how that night would change my life forever, but I was about to find out.

The wounded were screaming in pain, bleeding everywhere. Every sailor who could help was doing all he could to calm our fallen shipmates. They had head wounds and bodies full of shrapnel. Lt. Commander Philip Armstrong the (executive officer of the Liberty) was on one of the tables. I stopped to check on him and he asked me to light him a cigarette…I did and gave it to him. He took long drags off it and soon it was gone and he wanted another so I gave it to him. He smoked it the same as he had the first.

As I was talking to him I thought he would be fine. It seemed to me he would make it, but as it turned out, I was wrong. A few moments later he was dead.

I was shocked and saddened but knew that there would be time to weep later, as others needed help. As the night wore on I was told to go to the Officers’ Mess. There I saw Dr. Kiepfer with his life jacket around his waist. Little did I know that his belly had been cut to pieces and he was using the life jacket to keep pressure on his wounds so as not to bleed to death while he tended to the wounded. He never uttered a word of complaint.

My job was to hold a light for Doc Kiepfer as he did his work. While he was working on Gary Blanchard, Gary asked me to take off his socks because he said his ‘feet were burning’. I did as he asked, took his socks off and it seemed to ease him a bit. Doc started cutting him open from his chest bone on down, working as hard as he could, but it was obvious even to me that it was too late. Gary’s kidneys were all shot up and a few moments later he died. This wonderful young man was gone and it was at this point that I began to hate the murderers who did this to us. What did we do to deserve this? This was not the action of a friend, it was like being sucker-punched the way Judas did to Jesus. They had overflown us for hours earlier in the day and knew who we were. We felt safe, and it was at this moment I figured out that what they were really doing was reconnaissance, finding our weak points so as to better kill us.

Doc put a few stitches in him to keep his insides from falling out all over the place and then it was on to the next person. How Doc was able to do what he did was something not human. It was something from another world, and by that I mean probably from heaven, as no human could have done what he did and I will never forget it as long as I live.

The Captain stayed on the bridge and would not take any medical help until the crew was looked after first.

As the sun began to rise Captain wanted his ship cleaned up, and for that Rick Aimetti and I got the gruesome duty. We got pressure to our fire hoses and began the grim task that still brings me nightmares. Body parts were all over, blood and a shoe with a foot still in it. We had no clue who it belonged to. We did as we were ordered and began washing the body parts of our American brothers over the side of the ship to be forever interred in the sea. Their families would never get the chance of seeing them at their wake…No lock of hair, no goodbye kiss, nothing. The tears were rolling down my face as I did this unholy thing of giving to the sea my friends and shipmates and as I did this I begged their forgiveness.

The gun tubes were full of blood that a fire hose was not going to remove, as the blood was baked onto the haze gray paint of our ship. Blood was streaming down the starboard bulkhead wall. We made are way down to the main deck and finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, our gruesome job was over. What I had just done has been a burden on my soul everyday for 40 years, which by my math is somewhere close to 15,000 days.

It is now about 10 am and we see American ships on the horizon. At that moment my body gave out and I laid on the deck…I was exhausted… It was hard to move and I felt relieved that help was there but also anger that help did not come when we needed it the most. Where was my country? Where was my navy? Where was my government? How the hell could they do such a thing to 300 men who swore to give their lives if necessary for the defense of America? My world, my faith in everything that I knew growing up had just been shattered like broken glass, and even though I didn’t know it at the time, this was to be the event that changed me forever, like Saul who, while on his way to Damascus to kill the followers of this new religion known as Christianity, was knocked off his horse, blinded and turned into someone and something new.

Little did I know that my work had only just begun. Now, 40 years later, I am here to tell the story of what happened on June 8th, 1967 to nearly 300 American boys onboard a ship known as the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel for nearly 2 hours. People may dismiss what I say as the rantings of an angry old man, but given what is taking place today regarding the war in the Middle East and everything that may happen, my suggestion is that–while there is time–people turn off the Britney Spears, the Desperate Housewives and the football games and listen, listen carefully to what happened, as it is likely to happen again, because, as the old saying goes, ‘a leopard does not change its spots.”

If some other country would have done this to America, you could have imagined what USA had done to that country. But what USA President London B. Johnson and USA secretary Robert McNamara did to even protect their own naval officers? First they did not react promptly to save the precious human lives, second they did nothing to Israel; a country receiving maximum USA free AIDS. Perhaps Johnson was under severe obligation of Israeli lobby that brought him into office after killing President John F. Kennedy. Not only President Johnson but also subsequent Presidents of USA did nothing to punish Israel for its heinous daylight crime. President Bush Sr. and Secretary James Baker banned the press coverage of medals giving ceremony of USS Liberty survivors. They did not even enter in the room where the ceremony was being held, though a separate ceremony in a different room was well attended by the President and the Secretary along with huge barrage of American Press and media personnel.

The price of slavery and cowardice is simply too great and too painful. See how American and European forces are being used under direct Zionist orders to restore multi billion dollars underground drug mafia heroin supply from Afghanistan which was totally stopped by Mullah Omar. Omar said that all drugs are not permissible in Islam. He simply can’t violate his Creator and Sustainer’s orders. He refused hefty commissions by the drug mafia that promised him a red carpet treatment and threatened him that they will send Afghans into Stone Age! His answer was simple; Do it and we shall see. How right was he! Today America has accepted its clear defeat in Afghanistan and is trying hard to pull out its troops. Who was the beneficiary of the war? Of course the underground drug mafia and the companies which supplied bombs and infrastructure. USA and European business, press and courts are under immense Zionist control!

When we compare Turkish Prime Minister’s bold brave and honest speech with the timid actions of USA Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries we know very well how severely USA is in enslaved by Israel. Dr. Aafia showed the light to USA society to how to come out of this dark tunnel when she distributed 30,000 copies of Quran, the last and the final divine book which is protected in its original language for last 1450 years along with its immense beauty, effectiveness and motivation. Dr. Aafia was given thorough beating and thrashing. Her children who were only 7, 3 and ½ year old were tortured for years under USA custody. The verdict against her by severely manipulated jury is an other clear reflection of Zionists control over USA” justice”. The wise among Americans have lot to learn from the message which Dr. Aafia has given to them.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque is a Board Certified, Consultant Pathologist. He is a freelancer writer.  His views are his personal and nothing to do with any institution including USA institutions. His main area of interest is human pathology. He does not accept any remuneration or any other reward for his writings as truth can’t be paid! He can be contacted on: Mobile 03335129849, phone (landline) 9251-2293707, 2294099. His postal address is: 116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad Pakistan 44000.  Anwar’s writings are free for publication and are not copyrighted as long as these are not altered (except minor editing). Truth can’t be copyrighted!!!

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