Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Tayyab Arzogan) Calls Spade a spade!

Excerpts from Turkish Prime Minister:
• “I am appealing not only to my people in Turkey but to all humanity. I am openly ap-pealing to the conscience of all humanity and I want to openly share my feelings with you.”

“The humanitarian aid ships travelling to Gaza could not accomplish their goal. Yesterday morning, The Armed Forces of Israel, attacked the ships sending humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip. The blood of innocent people was shed. “
“The bloody massacre by Israel on the ships sending humanitarian aid to Gaza deserves all the coursing which it gets. The attack was openly committed to-wards international law; it was committed to the conscience of people, it was done against world peace.“
“I am saying the attacks were committed against the conscience of the people, as the ships were carrying people from all nations and all religions, with the sole purpose of trying to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza people who have been suffering from a blockade. Before the ships were boarded, the aim of the ships and the aim of the people on board were declared to the world press. As witness to the aid, 60 members of the press also boarded the ships.”
“Israel has told us that they will send the injured back to us, but we have rejected this and said that we have the power to get our own injured back to Turkey.”
“Israel must immediately lift the inhuman em-bargo on the people of Gaza. They should not try to stop the humanitarian aid to the Pales-tinian people.”

“To slay innocent people, to treat civilians like terrorists is degradation in the eyes of hu-manity and wretched recklessness.”

“World piece has received a major blow. The reckless, unlawful attack by the Israeli gov-ernment must be punished.”
“Rather than waiting for an investigation from a government which has made lying a state policy, the international community should investigate the attack.”
“Turkey is not an adolescent rootless country. It certainly is not a tribe country. No one should try to test the patience of Turkey. However much Turkey’s friendship is valuable, Turkey’s hostility is as power-ful. Loosing Turkey’s friendship on its own is a price to pay.”
“They are denying, they are saying they were fired on first. We are sick and tired of your lies. Be a little honest. The ships, personnel and volunteers should be released immediately. No one has the right to accuse the volunteers, MP’s and the 60 journalists of travelling outside of the fact that they were taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. This attack has once again showed the inhuman persecution the Palestinian people have been suffering.“
Long Live Turkey, Long Live Abdullah Gil, Long Live Tayyab Arzogan! Allah loves honest & brave!

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