Flotilla under worse than Stone Heart Attack.

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
Flotilla under worse than Stone Heart Attack.
Quran-e-Majeed has carried out thorough postmortem of Zionist psychology! It is unfortunate that Muslims of today and the world has not picked up these pearls of wisdom. In Surah Al-Fateha (The World’s most often repeated ayas; no single microsecond when hundred of thousands are not reading these ayas) make an indirect reference to Zionists when slaves of Allah seek guidance saying not the path of those who earned the wrath of Allah.

The Zionists have distinction of being transformed into pigs and monkeys due to their defiance, arrogance and utter idiocy! Zionists & Brahmans share same mentality!
The Zionists still worship cow in their heart. The so called smart and intelligent bunch of people has reduced them-selves to worship the dumbest animal of all i.e. cow! They share many things in common with Brahmins including:
1) Cow worship
2) Arrogance
3) Injustice
4) Racism
5) Idiocy
Quran-e-Majeed describes Zionists worse than stones as from stones at times rivers gust, fountains erupt and some stones tremble down due to fear of Allah. Zionists hearts have none of these! They are devoid of any water of humanity!
Zionists economic terrorism can be seen in the form of IMF, World Bank and entire interest based criminal inhu-mane System. IMF and World Bank are always trying to suck the last drop of blood from poor people. In Pakistan now they are trying to impose VAT (Value added tax). Look at the words. Whose value is “added”? Of course the Zionists and none other!
The Zionists attacks on humanity have numerous dimensions of terrorism e.g.
• Political Terrorism: Free Masons, Rotary & Lions Club etc.
• Economic Terrorism: IMF, World Bank, All interest based transactions, Credit cards
• Medical Terrorism: AIDS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu
• Media Terrorism: Total i
• Social: Vulgarity, Gayism, vulgarity, prostitution
• Education: Darwinism, Froid
• Arts: Fashion shows, Catwalks
• Drugs and Addiction: NATO attack on Afghanistan
• Violence: World wide terrorism And zillions more!
Hold tightly the rope of Allah Ta’lah and come out of the bottom pit of disgrace. Holding tight means loving it, reading often daily, learning its beautiful language and becoming a walking Qu-ran though thorough practice of it, teaching others!
Ata Turk was imposed on Turks by Zionists in order to push Turks away from the straight path of success i.e. Islam.
Long Live Turkish Government and all those who cared for humanity and immense suffering of People of Ghaza by sending Freedom Flotilla . How can we forget Sabra & Shatilla massacre, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, 9/11, London and Spanish blasts and drug mafia; all Zionists proud products. Freedom Flotilla has unmasked Israeli face!

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